'La Whiff Fragrances' a new name in Fragrance World, A manufacturer of fragrances which catters to Agarbatti & Dhoop Industry, Soaps & Detergents Industry, Fine Fragrances, Shampoos, Cosmetic's , Hair Oil, to Candle and many more.

So with the strong backward integration La Whiff Fragrances has come up with bases, Art essence & Eco essence which is a solution for every manufacture related to any fragrance problem. In highly competitive market we have to create a different and unique identity. This can be achieved with the help of bases, Art essence & Ecoessence and this not only gives a perfume a different identity but also it enhances its strength and dilution capacity keeping in mind the costing factor. Today fragrance is a part of everyday life and we are true in it. A day become pleasant with a better fragrance and we believe in it.